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Everyone has a story



Voices Renewed


Voices Renewed, LLC, was formed to develop software to enable the digital collection of Life Stories. 

Our software transforms the life story collection process from a written interview to a multimedia approach. 



The program is available via mobile app, tablet, or desktop, thereby allowing for anyone with permissions to share the life story collection experience with a loved one, as well as access the biography at any time.  


Photographs, audio recordings, videos and file uploads will also become a part of the person’s story.  

As care transitions from disease-centered care to person-centered care, the need for a robust, innovative method to perform life story work will become paramount. 

It has been demonstrated that life story work is invaluable in the pursuit of person centered care

An adult child can learn in great detail, perhaps for the first time, of the tremendous breadth, depth and richness of their parent’s life

An elderly parent can relive memories of their life with their grandchildren

Staff in a care facility will truly bond with a resident, to learn of that person not just in the context of their diagnosis or condition, but as a person deserving of dignity and respect


Everyone has a story

Let us help you capture that story

Voices Renewed provides a robust, innovative method to perform life story work that will transform the landscape of person-centered care.

Life story work enables you to document and share someone's biography, history and preferences.  It is a way to compile material about a person's family, work and community life to affirm their identity as an individual, and share that story with caregivers.